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19 20  20basic 20user 20manage 20  20thumb

#19 Basic User Management On Ubuntu

Category: Registered

Understanding the basics in user management is essential as your team starts to increase in numbers. We'll start on a desktop installation of Ubuntu and then jump into a Digital Ocean Droplet to demonstrate the relation between using a GUI and not.

18 20  20making  20moving  20renaming  20and 20navigating 20directories 20in 20ubuntu

#18 Making, Moving, Renaming, and Navigating Directories In Ubuntu

Category: Registered

We're going over the basics of navigation and managing directories in the command line.

Tags: basics ubuntu
17 20  20wget 20command thumb

#17 Download Easily By Utilizing the Wget Command

Category: Registered

Every once and a while, you'll need to download something from the internet so that it can be used on your server. Why not just cut out the middleman and download directly to the server?

Tags: basics ubuntu
16 20  20halting  20rebooting  20and 20shutting 20down 20you 20ubuntu 20droplet

#16 Halting, Rebooting, and Shutting Down You Ubuntu Droplet

Category: Registered

Shutting down and rebooting your virtual private servers is something that you'll do quite often. Let's quickly go over how to do this.

Tags: basics ubuntu
15 roundcube

#15 Add a Smtp Server To Roundcube

Category: Registered

Increase your email delivery rates by added a SMTP server host to your RoundCube installation.

8 20  20vestacp thumb

#14 Setting Custom Name Servers for Vestacp Domains

Category: Registered

Setting up custom name servers for your domains is a quick and easy task. Let's take a look at getting it setup for your VestaCP setup.

Tags: dns vestacp
13 installing lamp on cent0s 6.4 thumb.mp4

#13 Installing Lamp On Centos

Category: Registered

Installing LAMP on a CentOS system is very similar to that of Ubuntu. Let's get started!

12 featured image

#12 Installing Lamp On Ubuntu

Category: Registered

Many of the websites use LAMP in the background to run. Let's get this installed quickly so you can get on with your day.

11 20  20stop

#11 Stop, Smell the Roses, and Snapshot

Category: Free

Whoa! Slow down and backup that configuration. Take this concept in mind whenever you're setting up a complex system.

Tags: vestacp ubuntu
8 20  20vestacp thumb

#10 Quick Server Setup with Vestacp

Category: Registered

Now that you have your VestaCP installation setup on your Digital Ocean droplet, let's take some quick steps to ensure that you've setup some system users, configured SSH, etc.