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23   mailpile thumb

#23 Increasing Your Email Privacy & Security By Installing Mailpile On Your Digital Ocean Droplet

Category: Free

Mailpile is an Open Source application that is taking security and privacy for your email to the next level. Let's get it installed on our Digital Ocean droplet!

22 20  20betty 20for 20beginners

#22 Using Betty

Category: Free

Betty is an english like command line application that allows you to run commands with english sentences.

20 20  20basic 20vim 20usage

#20 Vim Basics

Category: Free

Vim is a simple to install and very powerful editor. We’ll cover the basics which will allow you to quickly navigate and edit your server documents.

Tags: vim basics
11 20  20stop

#11 Stop, Smell the Roses, and Snapshot

Category: Free

Whoa! Slow down and backup that configuration. Take this concept in mind whenever you're setting up a complex system.

Tags: vestacp ubuntu
6 20  20initial 20server 20setup 20for 20ubuntu 2014.04

#6 Initial Server Setup for Ubuntu 14.04

Category: Free

Before we jump in the more advanced topics, it's important to understand the minimum amount of setup you need for your droplet.

5 the ls command featured

#5 The Ls Command

Category: Free

Sometimes we have to go back to the basics in order to get a better understanding of how to navigation through the command line. Let jump into using the ls command.

Tags: linux ubuntu
4 20  20working 20with 20mysql 20and 20phpmyadmin

#4 Wordpress One-click Install - Working With Mysql and Phpmyadmin

Category: Free

In sequel to Episode 3 "Wordpress One-click Install and Grabbing A Free Domain Name," we'll be taking a look into MySQL and installing PHPMyAdmin for GUI management.

3 wordpress and grabbing a free domain name

#3 Wordpress One-click Install and Grabbing A Free Domain Name

Category: Free

Let's get you up and running quickly with Digital Ocean's one-click install for Wordpress. We'll also get you setup with a free domain name from

2 installing mobile shell on unbuntu and centos

#2 Installing Mobile Shell (mosh) On Ubuntu and Centos

Category: Free

Mosh is SSH replacement that is tolerant of network latencies, disconnections, and even changing IP addresses. It runs similar to SSH but saves a lot of frustration.

1 started

#1 Getting Started With Digital Ocean

Category: Free

Digital Ocean is a fantastic cloud hosting service that allows you to start up a Virtual Private Server in less than a minute. In this episode, we're just getting you started with creating your first VPS droplet.