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#3 Wordpress One-click Install and Grabbing A Free Domain Name

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Let's get you up and running quickly with Digital Ocean's one-click install for Wordpress. We'll also get you setup with a free domain name from

Digital Ocean makes is really easy for users to get up and running with multiple applications. In this episode, we're going to go over Digital Ocean's one-click installation for Wordpress.

First, let's grab your free domain name. Go to and register for the domain name of your choice.

Then, go to your droplet area in Digital Ocean to create your Wordpress Droplet.

  1. When creating your droplet, be sure to select the "Applications" tab and then select the "Wordpress" selection.
  2. Click on the button to create your droplet.
  3. Go to your DNS area
  4. Add your registered domain name and point it to your droplet IP Address

Once you plug in your domain name information on Digital Ocean, you're likely going to have to wait anywhere from 1-48 hours for your domain name to become active and pointing to your server.

Tools Used

In this episode, I've installed Vim for preference. If you'd like to install Vim on your Ubuntu server, run the following command:

sudo apt-get install vim

Quick Tips on Vim

When using Vim, you can edit a directory or a single file just by calling vim and then the file/directory name after it. For example:

vim directory_name/
vim file_name.rb

If you open a directory up with Vim, you'll be able to navigate through the files in that directory and open up any of the files in there for editing purposes.

When you'd like to edit a file, simply click the "i" key to enter insert mode.

Press escape to exit insert mode.

After pressing escape, you can exit the file using:


If you'd like to save your changes, add a "w" for writing before the "q."


If you'd like to exit the file and discard changes, add a exclamation point:


What's next?

Look for part two of the One-Click Wordpress installation for a touch of MySQL management and installing PHPMyAdmin.

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