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#27 Getting Started - Git and Bitbucket with Ruby On Rails

Category: Registered

Now that we have some Ruby on Rails code to work with, let’s start using Git. The concepts on Git in this episode can be applied to other applications and scripts in other languages as well.

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#26 Adding Spice To Your Rails App and Prepping for Deployment

Category: Registered

Before you go and deploy your Rails app, let's make it look somewhat useful. In this episode, you're going to learn how to add a Rails scaffold and some prep work for future deployment.

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#6 Initial Server Setup for Ubuntu 14.04

Category: Free

Before we jump in the more advanced topics, it's important to understand the minimum amount of setup you need for your droplet.

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#1 Getting Started With Digital Ocean

Category: Free

Digital Ocean is a fantastic cloud hosting service that allows you to start up a Virtual Private Server in less than a minute. In this episode, we're just getting you started with creating your first VPS droplet.