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#29 Securing Phpmyadmin With Apache - Part 2

Category: Registered

We're going to be digging in even deeper when it comes to securing PHPMyAdmin with Apache. In this episode, we're going over digest authentication, forcing SSL, changing the access directory, disallowing root, and more!

28   rails deployment   working with multiple ssh keys

#28 Working With Multiple Ssh Keys

Category: Registered

Eventually, you’ll find yourself working with multiple environments. When this happens, you may not want to use the same ssh key pair for each environment. That’s where using multiple key pairs comes in handy.

Tags: ssh security
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#23 Increasing Your Email Privacy & Security By Installing Mailpile On Your Digital Ocean Droplet

Category: Free

Mailpile is an Open Source application that is taking security and privacy for your email to the next level. Let's get it installed on our Digital Ocean droplet!

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#21 Securing Phpmyadmin On Ubuntu - Part 1

Category: Registered

Due to the likely possibility that a bot or someone will try to hack into your database via your phpmyadmin installation, you may want to consider added security. Let's explore some of the possible options that you can apply today.

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#10 Quick Server Setup with Vestacp

Category: Registered

Now that you have your VestaCP installation setup on your Digital Ocean droplet, let's take some quick steps to ensure that you've setup some system users, configured SSH, etc.

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#7 Increased Security With Antivirus Via Clamav

Category: Registered

Having an antivirus scanner on your VPS/droplet will increase your security by preventing malicious applications from sitting on and possibly using your server resources... Or worse!