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23   mailpile thumb

#23 Increasing Your Email Privacy & Security By Installing Mailpile On Your Digital Ocean Droplet

Category: Free

Mailpile is an Open Source application that is taking security and privacy for your email to the next level. Let's get it installed on our Digital Ocean droplet!

22 20  20betty 20for 20beginners

#22 Using Betty

Category: Free

Betty is an english like command line application that allows you to run commands with english sentences.

21 20  20securing 20phpmyadmin 20  20part 201

#21 Securing Phpmyadmin On Ubuntu - Part 1

Category: Registered

Due to the likely possibility that a bot or someone will try to hack into your database via your phpmyadmin installation, you may want to consider added security. Let's explore some of the possible options that you can apply today.

19 20  20basic 20user 20manage 20  20thumb

#19 Basic User Management On Ubuntu

Category: Registered

Understanding the basics in user management is essential as your team starts to increase in numbers. We'll start on a desktop installation of Ubuntu and then jump into a Digital Ocean Droplet to demonstrate the relation between using a GUI and not.

18 20  20making  20moving  20renaming  20and 20navigating 20directories 20in 20ubuntu

#18 Making, Moving, Renaming, and Navigating Directories In Ubuntu

Category: Registered

We're going over the basics of navigation and managing directories in the command line.

Tags: basics ubuntu
17 20  20wget 20command thumb

#17 Download Easily By Utilizing the Wget Command

Category: Registered

Every once and a while, you'll need to download something from the internet so that it can be used on your server. Why not just cut out the middleman and download directly to the server?

Tags: basics ubuntu
16 20  20halting  20rebooting  20and 20shutting 20down 20you 20ubuntu 20droplet

#16 Halting, Rebooting, and Shutting Down You Ubuntu Droplet

Category: Registered

Shutting down and rebooting your virtual private servers is something that you'll do quite often. Let's quickly go over how to do this.

Tags: basics ubuntu
15 roundcube

#15 Add a Smtp Server To Roundcube

Category: Registered

Increase your email delivery rates by added a SMTP server host to your RoundCube installation.

11 20  20stop

#11 Stop, Smell the Roses, and Snapshot

Category: Free

Whoa! Slow down and backup that configuration. Take this concept in mind whenever you're setting up a complex system.

Tags: vestacp ubuntu
8 20  20vestacp thumb

#10 Quick Server Setup with Vestacp

Category: Registered

Now that you have your VestaCP installation setup on your Digital Ocean droplet, let's take some quick steps to ensure that you've setup some system users, configured SSH, etc.